Bodegas La Rodetta was started by a group of young winemakers, inspired by their passion for wine, their upbringing and many years’ experience working in the world of viticulture. The Rodetta society was formally founded in 2011, and its first wines developed for the market the same year.

The name Rodetta is taken from one of the numerous estates that make up the district of Laguardia, and our youthful philosophy applies to everything we do – from making wine to giving presentations and coming up with new ideas.
Rodetta started out with a focus on sweet and semi-sweet wines, however the demands of the market and the gradual growth of the company led us to increase the volume of young and vintage reds, which we had previously been producing in small numbers. Producing larger volumes of red wines did not compromise our investments in our other wines, of course, which were by now proving fruitful. As well as being available all over Spain - where we have gradually achieved distribution throughout the country – international markets can enjoy wines from Bodegas La Rodetta.
The Bodegas La Rodetta journey has only just begun…

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